It's always worth checking the cost that a company is paying as it

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EA's FIFA Mobile Coins specialty is designing sports games under its EA Sports tag, but Glu Mobile has also proven it can always develop a cellular sports company. Tap Sports Baseball has been a hit for the business, growing from about $4 billion of bookings in 2014 to around $90 million in 2019. The teams at EA Sports and Glu Sports can clearly share thoughts to make even better at what they do so well. It has new titles set to launch soon, including Tap Sports Fishing, Deer Hunter World, and a upgraded version of Harness Sports Baseball for your 2021 season. EA plans to deliver Tap Baseball to fresh countries with its licensing experience from EA Sports.There can also be Table & Taste, a brand new lifestyle sport, along with a variety of hyper-casual games starting from Glu's Crowdstar studio.

What's more, Glu Mobile could bring fresh ideas to EA about ways to decorate certain titles. The business reported seeing positive early results from this initiative around the very last earnings call.

Growing at an unbiased price.It's always worth checking the cost that a company is paying as it announces a major acquisition. Around three popular valuation metrics, Glu Mobile looks just like a good value in the video game industry.EA is paying $12.50 per share in cash to Glu Mobile investors, which places the latter's most price-to-free money flow multiple at 47.

On a forwards price-to-earnings basis, Glu trades at a multiple of 25, which looks like a relatively great deal compared to its larger peer reviewed Zynga, which deals in a higher forward P/E of 28. Glu is also a much better deal on a price-to-sales basis using a multiple just under four, while Zynga trades at nearer to six times earnings, up with cheap FUT Coins all the industry's top gaming stocks.