Constant Aligned 515nm Green Cross Line Laser Module

515nm green cross line laser module makes highly clear two perpendicular lines with accurate 90 degrees.

Posted 4 months ago in Science and Technology.

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berlin summer

When users are looking for an easy operating cross line measuring tool, usually not seriously limited by long distance, high height and other complex working environments, it just makes easy and quick cross line indication with the assistance of a 515nm green cross line laser module. It emits intense forest green laser beam directly from 515nm green laser diode. Employing the best quality glass coated lens with different fan angles and an external AC/DC adapter, it is just able to work with the best quality forest green laser light source emission, and highly clear two perpendicular lines with accurate 90 degrees.
According to the use of an external AC/DC adapter, not the same as formal alkaline battery power source made green laser pointer, it just makes an easy and quick cross line generation with this 515nm green cross line laser module. It is employing import 515nm green laser diode as beam emitting source, after proper configuration with metal heat sink cooling system inside durable aircraft used aluminum alloy housing tube, this forest green cross laser alignment just gets at least 40% improvement of laser beam stability. Under condition that it keeps constant green cross line source projection within 8 to 10 hours per day, after enough time leaving for tube cooling down, it just achieves good laser light cycling use and extremely clear green vertical and horizontal lines generation with accurate 90 degrees constantly.
After the use of qualified glass coated lens with different fan angles, 515nm green cross line laser module is generating different dimension green cross line source within 0.5 meter to 6 meters. It is performing with highly straight and fine green cross line source emission. Any time users are getting basic measurement and experiment of cross line length, fineness and work distance, only if it gets correct use of glass coated lens degree and proper adjustment of laser beam focus, it achieves the finest green cross line source emission at various work distances effectively.
No matter what kind of output power it is selecting, 515nm green cross line laser module gets the most important design part of APC, ACC driving circuit board. It is preventing any possibility of tube burning out or damage, but also keeping highly stable and reliable forest green cross line source generation within constant work of 8 to 10 hours. Any time this industrial alignment laser makes proper installation, within the maximum installed distance of 3 meters, it always makes noncontact and no barrier cross line indication in all occasions. When users are aware of any powerful green laser light radiation and thermal energy hurt to humane eyes, only after correct wearing of laser safety glasses, 515nm green cross laser makes sure of high security and high speed cross line laser alignment.