While there's even more about NBA 2K21 to find

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Posted 2 years ago in Gaming.

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We are all 2K21 MT excited to get our hands on the PS5 and Xbox Series edition of NBA 2K21, particularly us who possess the Mamba Forever Edition (that pays great homage to Kobe, by the way). We've already played the current-gen version, and it has been swelling up to now. However there are just some features that will allow us fall our controls in favor of the new one in the next couple of days. The ray-tracing technology makes everything even more realistic with its accurate depictions of lighting and reflections.

The most evident difference is the massive jump in graphical fidelity. Though the current-gen has made leaps and bounds in terms of graphics upgrades, next-gen is just on a whole new level. Check out the side-by-side graphical comparison of the PS4 variant versus the PS5 variation by Youtuber forked under: The added realism in NBA 2K21 can even pass its pictures for real, like actual photos with an unusual Instagram filter. We are finally departing the uncanny valley and are being treated with really realistic-looking renders. Hop measures are also getting a revamp in the next-gen version of the sport, allowing for more deliberate moves on the court and more convincing fakes and step-backs.

Speaking of refinement, the updated variant of 2K21 receives some serious improvement to the consumer experience too. First, the total UI has been totally overhauled - it is unique to this next-gen edition. The rate of the storage enables a more dynamic team selection screen as well because it is possible to quickly load in new personality models.

While there's even more about NBA 2K21 to find, I think that this is a fantastic primer on what you may expect from the new version of the game, but I suppose the remaining question here comes down to the way this title is delivered on all of the next-gen systems. The fantastic news is they're virtually identical visually. PS5 and Series X both offer a whole native 4K demonstration - it seems super sharp on both systems and all visuals appear the same between them. The PS4 Pro version that I used for last-gen testing, by the way, also seems to run at native 4K but obviously using reduced visual fidelity. The 1 difference , predictably, is based with the Series S variant. You receive all the exact same next-gen visuals because it's bigger brother, only at a Buy NBA 2K MT Coins lower resolution.