Path Of Exile: Echoes Of The Atlas adds new endgame content and loot

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Posted 2 years ago in Gaming.

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Over the years, Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile has steadily improved its core hack and slash game method, because it combines important new features to make the game flow more lively and interesting. Although the developers are still developing the sequel Path Of Exile2, the original game shows no signs of slowing down. As revealed in the live broadcast, the latest expansion Echoes Of The Atlas will upgrade the extensive endgame of the action RPG, and will be released on PC on January 15 and on Xbox One and PS4 on January 20.

Just before the news of Grinding Gear Games was made public, someone had the opportunity to talk to Buy POE Currency managing director Chris Wilson about Atlas’ echo, how it will change the endgame and integrate the gameplay from the previous expansion. In addition to his thinking about the state of the game, he also explained how the work of Path Of Exile2 made the original work better.

The Echoes Of The Atlas extension brings a whole set of changes to the game, including rebalancing, new endgame content centered on the "World Atlas" world map, and a new pinnacle battle that can open the way for more powerful loot . Although the previous extensions (such as Harvest, Delve and Heist) are available to all players, the POE Orbs core content of the Atlas extension Echoes is more geared towards advanced players with decorative character construction. The expansion will also add new passive skill trees, which can be unlocked by completing the high-end challenge of a new NPC called Naven, which appears after clearing the boss on the world map.

Chris Wilson explained the reason for the developers to review the endgame and why the team should give players more freedom in how to improve and improve their characters. They usually drastically modify all aspects of the endgame at least once a year, and then find that this is a reasonable rhythm, and things will not change much, it provides players with opportunities to solve and master new content, and when the year comes , And they are ready for the new content. And they hope to realize Echoes through the concept of Atlas (passive tree) and the watchstones that can be obtained in Atlas, with the goal of enabling end game players to better control what type of content they obtain.

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