The Star Wars story you want

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Posted 2 years ago in Gaming.

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Star Wars: Since its launch, the Old Republic has gotten better. The game is closer to the single player RPG player originally wanted. Now, I can take my own risk without spending hours on meaningless side tasks. Have companions to accompany me and support me in the battle.

Even for free players (no need to pay the $15 monthly game subscription fee), I can go back to the Jedi by myself and adapt the story to the mainstream. Nine years later, I finally completed the original "Star Wars: The Old Republic" tour.

Depending on your class, the story in "Star Wars: The Old Republic" will completely change. If you want to explore some ancient, then the storyline of the Sith Inquisitor is great. The storyline of the Jedi is very suitable for playing the perfect Jedi role.

However, after completing multiple storylines, my favorite class story is the Sith Warrior. It is full of all the Darth Vader  you expect, allowing you to act as a powerful weapon for the empire. I hunted down the Jedi and even killed a wonderful Jedi and turned him into an apprentice.

There are similar moments in all the stories of "Star Wars: The Old Republic." You can realize the fantasy of lifting a rock with the force, and you can also be friends with members of the rare Dashid species. It is a constant reminder of the stories and creatures that make "Star Wars" unique. After watching the enthusiasm of "Star Wars: Skywalker", I feel that I no longer understand my love for "Star Wars." This is very different from the story I care about-Vader's salvation in "Return of the Jedi" or Luke's ridiculous return in "The Last Jedi." It did not show me new things or wisdom in the world I love. I need more to fill the void created by Rise.

I spent several weeks looking for more favorite "Star Wars" content. I re-watched "The Clone Wars", "Rebels" and older movies. I defeated the fallen order. But "Star Wars: The Old Republic" gave me a story. This is the perfect pinnacle of my 2019 "Star Wars" journey.