Path of Exile 3.13.1 now improves Echoes of the Atlas

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Posted 2 years ago in Gaming.

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I have been playing Path of Exile for a long time. It has been seven years since the game was launched, and it is constantly seeking success. Grinding Gear Games just announced the news that Echoes of Atlas is the most downloaded extension. Indeed, this expansion is excellent and has been affirmed by the players.

Echoes of Atlas is the 35th expansion or update of Path of Exile. The free online action role-playing game (RPG) was released on PC on January 16, and on PlayStation and Xbox consoles on January 20. Grinding Gear said that at the POE Currency beginning of its release, Atlas’ Echoes had 265,250 concurrent players on Steam, making it the fourth most popular game on the giant PC gaming platform. Since its launch, the New Zealand studio has stated that the number of players is 11% higher than any previous Path of Exile release. This broke the participation of the Delirium expansion plan in March, when COVID-19 was raging globally for the first time. With the restoration of lock-in, it is easy to say that this is what is driving these numbers.

After some fixes, this week, the first major patch of Path of Exile's latest extension, Echoes of the Atlas, was released. Patch notes are now available. This patch 3.13.1 has made some improvements to Ritual, Atlas' Echoes, and texture streaming, and provides some crash fixes related to common client crashes and two instance crashes. Texture streaming improvements can reduce CPU usage, thereby improving the POE Currency Buy performance of weaker PCs. In addition, if you are using a Vulkan client with less than 300 MB of VRAM, the "High Texture Quality" option has been re-enabled.

Echoes of the Atlas-specific fixes include the following:

    Improved performance during The Maven boss encounter.
    Fixed a bug where Maven's Beacon could be obtained earlier than intended when playing in a party.
    Maven's Invitations are now a guaranteed drop upon capturing the 10th boss in an Atlas region for the first time.
    Fixed a bug where the Silo Map boss could become invulnerable while the player is being witnessed by The Maven.
    Fixed a bug where The Maven's Quick Guard skill was not working as intended in areas which were level 84 or higher.
    Fixed a bug where The Maven would sometimes fail to use her skills correctly when witnessing a map boss encounter.

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