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Bridge 1360 - Ribbon Top 2pc Style Paper Boxes


Classic 2pc paper box collection, inexpensive packing solution, good for all kinds of jewelry and suitable on all occasions. the ribbon bow on the lid, which makes the box more vivid.

Pearl luster covering paper creates a clean look to the box. it could be used as packaging for many gift items, such as books, gifts, clothes, and so on.

All paper and cardboard materials are FSC certified. the suede laminated foam pad is open for any cuttings to fit the packing purposes. per are available. all cardboard materials are FSC certified.


1360 01 45x50x40 1.png
100 PCS / 800PCS
1360 04 85x85x30 2.png
40 PCS / 160 PCS
1360 05 230x50x30 3.png
40 PCS / 160 PCS
1360 06 168x168x35 4.png
10 PCS / 40 CS
1360 07 95x95x75 5.png
20PCS / 80 PCS

Inside and outside covering material, based pad are changeable according to customer's request.

Box size depends on available toolings. $1500 USD for new tooling size, refundable when quantity is 50k up.

Logo printing (1 color and 1 postion) is free of charge when order quantity is 1000 pcs per size.

Price: $1 (USD)

Location: China

Type: New

Status: In stock


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