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Framing 1850 - Jewellry Boxes with Colored edgings


Flat-top design plastic box, sharp-edge style. lizard-embossed paper on top and all sides, trims around edges, innovating design from a standard sharp-corner plastic box. for a better budget, a pre-printed paper version is available.

Wild range of plastic tooling sizes, suitable for all-size jewelry. suede-based pad instead of the foam pad, better for fine jewelry. eco-friend glue and sulfur-free material protect your jewelry piece stay in good condition.


1850 01 46x53x38 11.png
100 PCS / 400 PCS
1850 61 43x53x32 22.png
100 PCS / 400 PCS
1850 02 75x49x40 33.png
30 PCS / 240 PCS
1850 03 65x80x28 44.png
40 PCS / 240 PCS
1850 04 78x83x28 55.png
40 PCS / 240 PCS
1850 05 220x50x22 66.png
30 PCS / 240 CS
1850 06 160x160x35 77.png
10 PCS / 40 PCS

Inside and outside covering material, based pad are changeable according to customer's request.

Box size depends on available toolings. $1500 USD for new tooling size, refundable when quantity is 50k up.

Logo printing (1 color and 1 position) is free of charge when the order quantity is 1000 pcs per size.

Price: $1 (USD)

Location: China

Type: New

Status: In stock


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