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The application supports the alt key with the modifier to enter text, even for quick searches. The software allows bookmarking and you can view history or view options (language, proxy settings, proxy discovery protocols, computer configuration and Internet access limits). The home page supports geolocation and you can directly move back or forward the content. For quick searches, you can use the different engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia,, or In addition, for quick 6add127376 heafphy

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Flash MX 2004 or above

Page Size: 720x480 or 1280x960 or beyond

Screen Resolution: Any size monitors as long as they have at least 800 pixels resolution

Compatible with Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or above

Compatible with all standard operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux)

TextFX basic features are:

Hover effect

Flash reflection (check out the flash reflection gallery)

Selection effect 6add127376 gleexil

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