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  • If you're like me and you're considering buying this game because you liked Madden 10 years ago No more. I think every year's purchasers have gradually accepted this kind of franchise waste change, but I see them for the first time, and the effect is not good. The game itself is fooled to absurdity by stupidity, and complicated by useless wind and grass, so that the whole torture makes people confused and unsatisfied. The menu is the worst design I've ever seen in Madden. It's impossible to play without a controller, so if you don't have a controller, the game will cost you $60 plus the cost of the controller (even if you just want to trim in franchise mode without playing the actual game, the menu is deliberately designed to crash and buy the controller). Of course, the worst part is that every other screen is an advertisement with a terrible "win-win" function that no one can have. The tooltip is intrusive and funny. The whole content attracts the lowest common denominator. Most importantly, PC ports, especially SUVs and messy hell, I should be aware of this considering that these games are mainly made for gamers. I think I'm a fool to buy this game, but from the experience I've learned, at least I won't spend money on another Madden game soon.

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